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Scope of Practice

Practitioners of Natural Healing™ Level 1-4

Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner®/Practitioners of Natural Healing™ & Holistic & Wellness: RLMP® / RNhP®/ RNMP®

The promotion of health and wellness by a multidisciplinary group of practitioners who utilize Complementary and Alternative therapies that make use of natural healing agents in the treatment of health conditions.

  • Nutrition & Allergy Elimination therapy

  • Electro-Homeopathy & Herbalism

  • Physiologic Therapy to include Applied Kinesiology

  • Energy Therapy & Eastern Meditative Arts

  • Ayurveda, Indian systems of Healing to include Naud Thai.

  • Coaching on holistic life skills & Diet

  • Implementation of structured action-oriented programs for stress management, designed to reduce health risks and promote healthy behaviors.

  • Therapeutic mobilization of soft tissue and the use of warm medicated oils to include Aromatherapy.

Doctorate of Natural Medicine® / Doctorate of Integrative Medicine© / DNM® / Natural Medicine Practitioner©

The assessment and treatment of emotional, mental and physical disorders using non-invasive modalities to promote and restore health and wellness.

  • Eastern Medicine to include: Traditional Oriental Medicines, Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing. EM treatment is based on a constitutional model and utilizes proprietary medicine, provides guidance regarding dietary and lifestyle management, rehabilitative exercises and procedures. Traditional Oriental Medicine practitioners who engage in Acupuncture may be licensed by their Province or State.


  • Electro-homeopathy: Micro-doses of natural substances aimed at stimulating the self-healing response without side effects and could include the science of Anti-Homotoxic Therapy, Homotoxicology, Biochemical and Essential Flower or Oils Therapy.


  • Energy Medicine & Healing: the study and use of subtle energies. Energy Medicine includes Biofield Healing (Qigong, Reiki, Breathwork, Colour Therapy & Therapeutic Touch). Energy Healing includes Light, Sound, Radiation, Electromagnetic, Polarity, and Metaphysics.


  • Nutritional, Botanical & Lifestyle Medicine: The use of specific diets and nutritional supplementation to prevent disease or re-establish and harmonize body chemistry. Botanical and Herbal Remedies are used for their balancing and nutritional value. Through nutritional counseling, clients are educated and supported about environmental factors that affect their health, as well as education and advice concerning lifestyle management.


  • Physiologic Therapy to include: transverse friction and stretch treatments, rehabilitative exercises, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound hot, cold/steam therapy and the use of warm medicated oils. Physical coaching practices are also utilized including Pilates, Qigong, Kinesiotherapy and other types of physical education therapies and Yoga.


The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada strongly adheres to the principle that DNM® and DIM™ are Natural Medicine Practitioners© who do not hold themselves out as Medical Doctors. They work in TM/CAM (Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Systems that are within their scope of practice and are educated to recognize conditions that are beyond their ability.


Natural Medicine Practitioners© and Practitioners of Natural Healing™ are required to refer clients to appropriate healthcare practitioners when patient care is beyond their scope of practice.

Code of Professional Ethics & Conduct

The Scope of Practice is the foundation on which Natural Health Care Practice is built. While the Scope determines the minimal educational requirements that the practitioner needs to enter the field, the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct clearly states that the Practitioner of Natural Healing™ must respect and uphold the Practice of Natural Medicine.

While the Scope of Practice clearly defines the modalities for each practitioner, it is important to recognize that the interests of the patient should be paramount in all acts undertaken by the Natural Medicine Practitioner© in the exercise of his / her profession, in the promotion of Natural Medicine and in the undertaking of research.

All members of The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada agree to be bound by the following principles in their practice. For the purpose of convenience Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© means any registered member of The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada.

The Practitioner of Natural Healing™ has specific obligations towards those who come seeking his / her assistance:

  • To keep all client information confidential except when a client may be referred to a registered health care provider with a patient’s written consent.

  • To prominently display diplomas, accreditation and any other qualifications relating to the practice of natural medicine in the workplace.

  • To not misrepresent their Scope of Practice or the nature of their professional services by extending a promise to cure.

  • To provide general information during every visit relating to fees and other professional services provided and to respond fully to all questions regarding any aspect of such fees and services.

  • To complete a detailed patient case history and discuss recommendations and advice as to how natural medicine treatment may be beneficial to the patient.

  • To be ethical in the undertaking of treatment, mindful of the limitation of their knowledge, experience, and Scope of Practice.

  • To maintain a good rapport with other Natural Medicine Practitioners©, and to not engage in unethical discussions concerning patients or other professionals in public and to provide moral advice and assistance when consulted on any matter relating to natural medicine being mindful not to compromise their Scope of Practice.

  • To make every reasonable effort to be available and accessible to ill patients requesting his / her services.


While Natural Medicine Care may be paramount to the patient’s recovery, the Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© cannot demand that the patient forego any other treatment provided by a Regulated Health Professional as a condition of service. The Natural Medicine Practitioner© however, should inform the patient as to the positive or negative effect of conventional treatment undertaken at the same time as the natural health treatment.

  • At all times the Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© must collaborate with other health care providers in any given case where this is agreed to by the patient.

  • The patient has the right to be interviewed, examined and treated in a safe and private setting in a manner which respects the values, personal beliefs and customs of the patient.

  • Individuals not directly involved with the patient’s care shall not be present, nor shall any person observe the patient through remote viewing or listening facilities or by audio or video recordings unless the patient consents for use in natural medicine research or education.

  • The patient has the right to participate actively in all decisions regarding treatment, the right to seek a second opinion at any point and may seek assistance when continued care is beyond the Scope of Practice of the Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© or when a conflict arises.

  • The patient has the right to access their files which must be maintained for at least 5 years following the last visit. The files must contain accurate records of all contact with the patient, including at least the following:

    • Patient’s name, address, telephone number, date of birth and medical history, dates, and details of the patient's interview, evaluation, recommendations, treatments provided and consent for treatment.


When a patient is referred or transferred to another Practitioner, a copy of the patient’s file should be provided to the new practitioner. In cases of consultation, you can request a copy of the patient file from the referring practitioner to ensure continuity of treatment.


While respecting the wishes of the patient, interventions of a third party should not be tolerated except in the case of minors, individuals with special needs or where it is required by law.

The Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© must keep in mind the obligation of professional confidence:

  • Patient information cannot be disclosed except by written permission of the client or where it is required by law.

  • The Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© must not reveal the reason for a patient’s visit except where it is required by law.

  • The Practitioner must not use confidential client information for personal gain.


The Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© can request comparable payment for services within the profession as a whole. Payment should not be demanded in advanced, however, any outstanding payments should be collected by the next visit. The collection of delinquent payments should be handled professionally and ethically where possible, resorting to judicial procedures only when absolutely necessary. The Natural Medicine Practitioner© is also free to offer their services free of charge where their conscience so dictates. 


The Practitioner must not abuse his/her position of trust by engaging in reprehensible or immoral acts with any patient, in particular, all sexual contact between Practitioner and patient is illicit.

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