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Greetings 2024

As we say farewell to the past year, let us embrace 2024 with a serene mind.  Adversity is the metal that sharpens our will and impediment is the stepping stone to greater resilience.  Only through obstacles can one truly appreciate the meaning of achievement.

Life's situations hold no distinction between good or bad.  Fortune relies on misfortune, but likewise, misfortune hides within fortune.  Only intrinsic wisdom and clarity will comprehend the true source of all actions.  Time passes continuously, as with the impermanence of all things.

“Free from a discriminating mind, the heart stays happy”

Happy New Year!  Year of the dragon 2024 brings honor, luck, power and nobility.  The dragon is a supernatural being with no parallel for excellence.

Our CEU’s Program are now available to members, so look out for the listing soon!  Practitioner Level IV must complete 60 CEU and all other Levels, 40 CEU are required.

The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Inc. was originally established in 1998.  Our Not-for-Profit Corporation #4138929, The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Canada, grew out of the original Institution.  We safeguard the identity and services of our members thru our established trademarked and protected titles used under our authority.


EBNMP™ has functioned both as a Board and an Association for Natural Medicine Practitioners© and Practitioners of Natural Healing™.  The EBNMP™ Canada Association registers members by the province in which they practice and the Level of their professional competency.

Titles used under Authority of EBNMP™ Canada and EBNMP LLC.

This certificate remains the property of the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada and must be surrendered when registration ceases or at the request of the disciplinary committee.  EBNMP  Canada is not liable for errors or omissions of the practitioner.  ® Registered Trademark of World Board of Natural Medicine.  Used under license.  EBNMP Canada is affiliated with the EBNMP LLC. 


These certification marks can only be issued by the EBNMP.  No other organization, association or entity is authorized to issue EBNMP owned certification marks without express written consent of the owner.  Persons under our authority must always include the Trademark reference. eg. Doctorate of Natural Medicine®

Thank you for your confidence in The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada and  supporting Natural Medicine.

June A. Kelly

Renewals 2024

Dear Members: 

Our Board of Directors continue to serve its members by adherence to the standards of the World Health Organization's Benchmarks for Training in Naturotherapy - TM/CAM, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Natural Medicine.


Eligibility to be Board Certified and affiliate with a Non-Legislated Healthcare Association requires a candidate’s submission to show proof of educational status Level I to IV to include Clinical Mentorship as well as a member must complete yearly continuing competency requirements and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics as outlined by our EBNMP Canada Association.  


The fee for Level IV is $500.00. For Practitioners level I-3, the fee is $300.00. Members who joined after June 2023 are only required to pay half of the yearly fee.  


Ways to pay membership fees:


1. Electronic transfer:

2. Direct mail by check:  EBNMP. c/o 27-1100 Oxford St, Oshawa, ON, L1J 6G4      


3. Submit your credit card information by email to 


Upon receipt of the membership fee, a receipt and Letter of annual renewal will be issued.


Members who have moved or changed their email address, kindly update us on your current contact information.  


Thank you for your confidence in The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada and supporting Natural Medicine.  



Gabbie Lee

Secretary to Registrar

EBNMP Canada

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ 

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Diploma Programs in Naturotherapy & Acupuncture are available for practitioners to expand their knowledge and for students to gain new skills in their chosen field. Our graduates either open their own practices or work with a health team in their community.

Natural Medicine Institute New Brunswick can provide you informative, comprehensive and professional education, whether you seek knowledge for self-awareness or career development.

Online Training programs are also available to EBNMP members in Good Standing who have more than 500 hours of training or practice in Natural Medicine.  Practitioners can complete the CEUs in any order they choose.

Programs are a registered trademark of The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada

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