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Natural Medicine Institute - New Brunswick

Upcoming CEUs  Sunday May 14th, 2023 (9am - 12pm) in Riverview, NB

Wholistic Health recognizes a human being as 



The four parts are not separate as Western Medicine would have us believe, but rather  they support and interact with each other; although imbalances in any one part is  reflected in the physical. Information of the Physical Anatomy is rather extensive with  little known about the Esoteric Anatomy because it’s almost invisible to normal testing  and diagnosis. 

The three main models that are used to explain the body’s Esoteric or Liquid Anatomy  come from the Oriental System, the Ancient Indian System and the Modern System. These Systems define health and illness beyond the physical level on to the mental and  spiritual planes where illness is believed to begin; the cause being the disruption of  energy flow. The three Systems include preventative health care principles and Lifestyle  management, to include food diet and exercise. 

The knowledge and use of Esotericism is an essential part of Clinical Practice for Natural  Medicine Practitioners, as its application routinely will enable the Practitioner to apply it  as a vital aid in the care of their patients; both in diagnosis and treatment. 

Participants will learn about the Subtle Body System and its correlation to the physical  body in the Natural stage of being, wherein the melting of the vital Essences bring about  bliss. Charkas, Nadis, Marma Points Astral and Auric Fields will be introduced and their  treatment Principles discussed. Cost $150. 

Handout electronic- Energetic Systems and Therapy CEU 15 hours.

Location: Forever Healthy Riverview -

567 Coverdale Road, Unit 8, Riverview, New Brunswick.

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