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Natural Medicine Institute - New Brunswick

Post Graduate Training for Registered Members

Online Training programs are available to EBNMP members in Good Standing who have more than 500 hours of training or practice in Natural Medicine.  Practitioners can complete the CEUs in any order they choose.

Programs are a registered trademark of The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada

All CEUs are a total of 50 hours including a research component of 20 hours

CEUs are $310.00 each

CEU Program 1: Habits to Welcome Health - Available Now!

S.M.A.R.T. Skills to attain health and wellness.  This CEU provides the foundation to guide your patients to obtain optimal health so they can enjoy their daily lives and stay healthy!

CEU Program 2: Esoteric Anatomy - Available Now!

Participants will learn about the Subtle Body System and its correlation to the physical body in the Natural stage of being, wherein the melting of the vital Essences bring about bliss. Charkas, Nadis, Marma Points, Astral and Auric Fields will be introduced and their treatment Principles discussed.

CEU Program 3: Palpation in Diagnostics & Treatment - Available Now!

Participants will learn Test Points for Allergic Food Intolerances, allergies and reflux. A review of major Acupuncture Points, Muscle Testing Basics, Treatment Protocols and Palpation along Meridians will be covered.

CEU Program 4: ABC's Homeopathy - Coming Soon!

CEU Program 5: Energetic Property of Food - Coming Soon!

CEU Program 6: Miracles in Anti-ageing  Care - Coming Soon!

CEU Program 7: BioMedicine - Coming Soon!

CEU Program 8: Cupping, Moxa & GuaSha - Coming Soon!

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