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Practitioners Certification

Practitioners of Natural Healing ™ Levels 1 - 4

Traditional, Complementary & Alternative Medicine refers to the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences of different cultures, used in the maintenance of health and in the prevention, assessment, improvement or treatment of illness to include Holistic Healing & Wellness practices and Natural Medicine Practitioners©

Level 1 Practitioners

Holistic & Wellness Practitioners - 500+ hours of training including Clinical Practice

RLMP® - Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner® (700 hours): Practitioners who provide lifestyle education and stress management techniques designed to promote a positive lifestyle and behavior changes and provide coaching on holistic life skills.

RNhP® - Registered Natural Health Practitioner® (500 hours): Practitioners who make use of Traditional Holistic modalities to bring about healing to include a wide variety of manual treatment and practices.


RNMP® - Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner® (700 hours): Practitioners who evaluate the nutritional status of clients, provide nutritional counseling, utilize specific dietary advice and recommend nutritional supplements.

Level 2 Practitioners

Naturotherapists - 1500+ hours of training including Clinical Practice

RNP® - Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner® (2000 hours): A multidisciplinary group of practitioners who utilize Complementary and Alternative therapies that make use of natural healing agents in the treatment of health conditions, to include Metaphysics, Coaching on holistic life skills & Diet, Energy Therapy, Physiologic Therapy to include Applied Kinesiology.

RNP® AYU - Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner® of Ayurveda (1500 hours+): Practitioners who utilize Ayurveda and Indian systems of Medicine to promote health and wellness, as well as make use of natural healing agents to include Metaphysics, Eastern Meditative Arts, Diet Therapy, application of Oil, Mobilization of Soft Tissue and Yoga. * To include Siddha, Unani, and Traditional & Indigenous Healing.

Level 3 Practitioners

Natural Medicine Practitioner Specialist - 3000+ hours of Training*

*To include a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised Clinical Training

When conventional Healing methods fail to meet the criteria for Health and Longevity, people turn to Traditional Medicines, Healing methods, and practices such as Ayurveda and Oriental Systems of Medicine, which are used in developing countries as primary healthcare and have now become popular in Canada.


In 2005, the EBNMP Canada™ was the first organization to create the guideline for the safe and effective practice of Ayurveda in Canada, carefully adhering to the Benchmarks of The World Health Organization.  Historically, we have registered Ayurveda Practitioners and issued the DNM®, Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner®, Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner® and Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner® (AYU) thus enabling Ayurvedic Vaidyas and Practitioners to develop professional practices to that effect. Siddha & Unani Medicine is also included in this category.


RAP© - Registered Ayurveda Practitioner© (3200 hours): Practitioners who provide treatment utilizing Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Medicine to assess and treat diseases and disorders based on a constitutional model. Treatment involves the use of specific diets, proprietary medicine, lifestyle coaching, soft tissue therapy, the application of steam, oil, and Herbal compress, rehabilitative exercises and Yoga.


RAP® - Registered Acupuncture Practitioner™ (2400 hours): Practitioners who provide treatment utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases, and disorders of patients. (Please note that this registration is only open to practitioners in unregulated Provinces).

DIM© - Doctor or Doctorate of Integrative Medicine™ (3000 hours): Western Trained Medical Professionals who utilize natural medicine modalities as a complement to conventional treatment. Practitioners must complete 3000 hours of training and experience in natural medicine as a complement to conventional treatment.

Homeopathic Practitioner (HP)©: Treatment is based on a constitutional model with the use of micro-doses of natural substances aimed at stimulating the self-healing response without side effects and could include the science of Homotoxiocology, Anti-Homotoxic medicine, Biochemical therapy, and Essential Flower, plant or Oil essences.  Practitioners must complete 3200 hours of training and experience in the Practice of Homeopathy including clinical internship or mentorship.  (Please note that this registration is only open to practitioners in unregulated Provinces).

Level 4 Practitioners

Doctorate of Natural Medicine® / DNM® - 4000+ hours of Training

A multi-disciplinary group of Natural Medicine Practitioners© who make use of natural healing assessment and apply non-invasive modalities, agents and therapies in the treatment of health conditions to restore and promote health and wellbeing.  


Scope of Practice includes Acupressure, Reflexopathy, Hydrotherapy, Herbalism, Biochemical therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Electro-homeopathy, Health Coaching & Energy work.


DNM© maintain a strict definition of natural healing that does not incorporate surgical, pharmaceutical or obstetrical care into their practice.


Training must include graduation from an accredited training program of 4400 hrs with mandatory clinical internship.

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