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About Us

The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ was established in 1998. Our Not-for-Profit Corporation #4138929 grew out of the original Institution and in order to safeguard the identity and services of our members, we established trademarked and protected titles used under the authority of The World Board of Natural Medicine.


In recent years The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada has functioned both as a Board and an  Association for Natural Medicine Practitioners© and Practitioners of Natural Healing ™. The EBNMP™ Canada Association registers members by the Province in which they practice.

Our Function

The Examining Board Of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada believes that the resurgence of interest in Natural Medicine should and will encounter close scrutiny from individuals in and outside of the profession of Natural Medicine and Healing.


Some Natural Medicine Practitioners© are still unregulated and this has led to a number of untrained individuals in the field of Natural Medicine. The public, for the most part, has no way of differentiating between trained or untrained Natural Medicine Practitioners.


The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada is seeking to create a greater awareness of professionalism, ethics, research, and educational standards, to protect the public and to satisfy the growing need for an ever-increasing, well-rounded health care system.

Our Mission

Certification and Registration of Natural Medicine Practitioners© and Practitioners of Natural Healing™ in order to deliver safe and effective options for Health Care.

  • To develop and maintain standards of education and practice of Natural Medicine.

  • To promote Natural Medicine and Healing as a viable option for individuals in Canada.

  • To adhere to and maintain a strict Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct for the Practitioner.

  • To maintain a registry of members who meet the standards for Natural Medicine Practice.

  • To support ongoing practitioner education by circulating a newsletter, hosting Natural Medicine Conferences.

  • To foster co-operation between Natural Medicine Practitioners© and other Health Care Practitioner

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