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Natural Medicine Institute - New Brunswick

Naturotherapy and Acupuncture are the largest growing industries worldwide and practitioners must continually enhance and expand their knowledge and skills.

Practitioners of Natural Healing© are trained Naturotherapy Practitioners who utilize Traditional, Complementary/Alternative Medicine. These systems of healing refer to the knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and  philosophies, used in the maintenance of health and in the prevention, assessment, improvement or treatment of illness to include Holistic Healing and Wellness practices.  Naturotherapy & TM/CAM share a basic model of healing, wherein the Practitioner specializes in restoring ideal function to body systems in order to regain balance, a general state of well-being with remarkable efficacy and fewer side effects.


Naturotherapy makes use of natural remedies that involve the use of herbal formulas from plant and animal tissue or vitamins & minerals; and the non-medication therapies as in the case of Acupuncture Therapeutics, Manual, Life-style and Transcendent therapies. They include and have their origins in Chinese Medicine, Indian Systems of Medicine as Ayurveda, and are often employed for its therapeutic value.

At the heart of Naturotherapy is rejuvenation and revitalization, while improving health and treating diseases, done chiefly by assisting the body’s innate capacity to recover from illness and injury.

Ayurveda is an Eastern Medicine practice, that is considered to be a complete system of Natural Health Care that utilizes an extensive guide to longevity and a healthy way of life. The main tenant of Ayurveda healing is to eliminate toxins, enhances the immune system, increases vitality and use a universal approach in diagnosis and treatment.


Acupuncture is a comprehensive treatment system which includes Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, and includes the use of Moxibustion and Gua-Sha. Although based on an Eastern System of Healing its shares a common philosophy of Healing with Naturotherapy.

Our diploma programs may be completed by online training with a mandatory internship component. Due to the demands for self-awareness and increased interest in healing and desired wellness, we have developed structured and standardized training programs designed for practitioners to expand their knowledge and for students to gain new skills in their chosen field. Our graduates either open their own practices or work with a health team in their community.

Natural Medicine Institute New Brunswick can provide you informative, comprehensive and professional education, whether you seek knowledge for self-awareness or career development.

 “The Science of Life and Longevity is eternal and deals with tendencies from the Natural World”

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