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Welcome to The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada

The Science of Natural Medicine is based on the principle that at birth man is healthy and that a person can remain in that state as long as one lives in accordance with the laws of nature. Even if born with an inherited affliction, one can manage it by utilizing the healing power of the elements of nature. Open space with clean air, sunshine, proper dietary habits, exercise, relaxation, meditation, and healthy thought process will play their part in keeping a healthy body, mind, and outlook.

The profession of Natural Medicine is not new however the classification by which it is defined is still in a process of change.  The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada represents professionals of varying skills which fall under the classification of Natural Medicine Practitioners© and Practitioners of Natural Healing™. In order to establish a standardized profession, we have defined a scope of practice, a code of conduct and trademarked titles, in order for our members to be recognized by various health Organizations, the general public, Insurances, and Government agencies.


“Health is a state of complete physical, psychic and social well-being and not merely the absence of illness and infirmities.”  The World Health Organization.


Natural Medicine Therapy teaches that disease is an abnormal condition of the body, mind or senses caused by not regarding the laws of nature. Each and every abuse impacts on the human body in the form of lowered vitality, irregularities of the blood and lymph and the accumulation of waste materials and self-toxins.

This principle teaches that the only way to cure disease is to employ methods which will enable the system to throw off these toxic accumulations.  The Practice of Natural Medicine Treatment is aimed at the rejuvenation of the body leading to the restoration of vigor and in the preservation and promotion of positive health and well-being.

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