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World Board of Natural Medicine

The World Board of Natural Medicine was founded in 2000 as per World Health Organization Alma-Ata 1962 declaration.


  • To generally undertake activities which serve to further the development of Natural Medicine.

  • To maintain standards of education and practice for those health care providers who specialize in the practice of Natural Medicine through support and advocacy on their behalf.

  • To promote the development of Natural Medicine as a viable choice for individuals worldwide through association and ties with other organizations sharing similar goals.

  • To educate the public about the merits of Natural Medicine by publishing a newsletter, setting up a speaker's bureau and hosting an annual natural medicine conference.

  • To work towards the eventual establishment and maintenance of a recognized and accredited non-profit Natural Medicine Teaching Institution and Conference Centre.

Natural Medicine's Scientific Position

  • The practice of Natural Medicine involves preventative and therapeutic promotion of health through natural, non-invasive methods including the differential assessment of human body systems and treatment of all aberrant body conditions. In modern practice, Natural Medicine is an adjunct or supportive science that integrates traditional natural therapeutics -- including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, metaphysical sciences, traditional and eastern medicines, which can be used alongside modern medical diagnostic sciences and standards of care. The medical research base of natural medicine practice consists of empirical documentation of treatments using case history observations, patient records, and summaries of practitioners' clinical experiences.


  • "DNM®" refers to a “Doctorate of Natural Medicine®" and is a Practitioner of Natural Healing™ Level 4. A DNM® is a Natural Medicine Practitioner© who is trained in the science of body systems assessment and utilizes a system of drugless, non-invasive therapeutics in which only natural substances and techniques are used. The core philosophy of the DNM® is the prevention of disease and the re-establishment of homeostasis by activation of the natural healing process of the human body. The DNM® practitioners adhere to the World Health Organization's Benchmarks for Training in TM/CAM.


  • The Trademarked Titles and designations granted to members of The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada is a government registered Certification Mark owned exclusively by the World Board of Natural Medicine. The Certification Marks grant members licensure for use in the capacity of denoting themselves as having passed the qualification standards to attain a level of Membership status with the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada.


  • This licensure is not under the government auspices as a Regulated Health Discipline, therefore Practitioner of Natural Healing™ & Natural Medicine Practitioner© or DNM® is completely autonomous from the N.D. title and that no member of The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada can hold themselves out to be a Naturopath.


  • The Certification Marks are completely legal for use and advertising as long as you a Member in Good Standing with the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada. Further, no other association or organization has the right or authority to give out the designations in Canada.

Usage of Titles

The Examining Board of Natural Medicine™ Canada is acting within the framework of the law and remain the sole authority with the right to license members to use the titles DNM®, Doctorate of Natural Medicine®, RNP®, Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner®, Natural Medicine Practitioner©, RAP©, Registered Ayurveda Practitioner©, RAP®, Registered Acupuncture Practitioner™, DIM™, Doctor of Integrative Medicine™, RNMP®,  Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner®, RNhP®, Registered Natural Health Practitioner®, RLMP®, Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner®, RNP® AYU, Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner® of Ayurveda.

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