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Ayurveda Practitioners

In 2005, the EBNMP Canada™ was the first organization to create the guideline for the safe and effective practice of Ayurveda in Canada, carefully adhering to the Benchmarks of The World Health Organization.


Historically, we have registered Ayurveda Practitioners and issued the DNM®, Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner®, Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner® and Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner® (AYU) thus enabling Ayurvedic Vaidyas and Practitioners to develop professional practices to that effect. Siddha & Unani Medicine is also included in this category.

RAP© - Registered Ayurveda Practitioner© - 3200 hours

Practitioners who provide treatment utilizing Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Medicine to assess and treat diseases and disorders based on a constitutional model. Treatment involves the use of specific diets, proprietary medicine, lifestyle coaching, soft tissue therapy, the application of steam, oil, and Herbal compress, rehabilitative exercises and Yoga.

RNP® AYU - Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner® of Ayurveda - 1500 hours

Practitioners who utilize Ayurveda and Indian systems of Medicine to promote health and wellness, as well as make use of natural healing agents to include Metaphysics, Eastern Meditative Arts, Diet Therapy, application of Oil, Mobilization of Soft Tissue and Yoga. * To include Siddha, Unani, and Traditional & Indigenous Healing.

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